Disappearance of Flight 307 Remains a Mystery


Malaysian Airlines flight 307 remains missing a week after disappearance.

Taryn Courtney, Reporter

“I don’t understand how you even lose a plane. I just find this whole situation very strange,” states Carly Coffman (10).

Over a week ago, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 made a very strange and unusual disappearance. The flight departed on March 8 from Kuala Lumpur with 239 people aboard and was headed for Beijing. Sometime during the trip, which seemed to be routine, the plane vanished.

According to Malaysian Military radar, the plane was shown climbing to 45,000 feet after disappearing from civilian radar screens and then it started dropping to somewhere around 2,000 feet. But what happened next? Where did the plane go?

“I think it’s pretty crazy to be honest,” states Allison Caperton (10), “I mean the plane just disappears out of no where and no one even knows what happened. It’s just absolutely crazy.”

Multiple questions continue to surround the disappearance of the jetliner: Did it actually crash? Was the pilot trying to commit mass suicide? Why are passengers phones still ringing days after the disappearance? Where is the plane now? Was it really an accident? These are all questions, that unfortunately even a week after the incident, continue to remain unanswered.

There have been numerous theories and speculations of what could have happened to the plane, why it happened, and where it went, but none have proven to be true yet.

One of the most discussed answers to why the plane crashed is in regards to the pilot himself: Zaharie Ahmad Shah (age 53). Focus as to why the plane actually vanished has shifted to him.

There is speculation that the people who were in the cockpit are most likely to blame according to numerous sources including U.S. Intelligence Officials. Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak told reporters that the plane veered off course due to actions taken by somebody on board.

Later in the week U.S. officials stated that the jetliner was in a controlled flight and was on a mostly stable path when it suddenly changed it’s course and started route toward the Indian Ocean- more evidence leaning towards the idea that the crash may have not been an accident as originally thought.

Although how and why the plane disappeared are two major questions in this case, the main focus of where the plane actually is still remains top priority.

Somehow during the course of events that took place before the disappearance, the satellite communication system on the plane was disconnected. Investigators are unsure if communications were lost due to a catastrophic event or if someone on the flight deliberately switched off the plane’s communication systems. The communications were lost when the plane was over the Indian Ocean and was travelling at normal cruising altitude. This leads investigators to believe the plane lost control, along with contact, and crashed somewhere in the ocean.

Another theory that has been widely considered is the thought that the plane may have landed in a remote island chain in the Indian Ocean. This theory was formed around analysis of radar data, suggesting that the pilot may have intentionally navigated the plane over the Andaman Islands. Although the radar data does not show the plane directly flying over the islands, it shows the course the plane was on would eventually lead the plane over said islands.

There are so many theories about where the plane is, and why it is there, but at this point, investigators are still unaware of the location and what actually happened aboard the flight.

This disappearance has the whole world baffled and has now become the most mysterious anomaly in aviation history. It has also become the most talked about event on both television and social networking sites and has left everyone wondering, what happened to flight 307 and where could it be?

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